In the months before camp as we were planning, our assistant director Lynda and her team had settled on a rodeo theme for the birthday party. We had talked about having pony rides, but in pricing it out, we did not see how the budget would allow. Lynda did not give up, and worked on raising money while finding the lowest price. She found a place that gave us a partial discount and since we had a little over half of the money raised, we booked three horses for the party, trusting that God would provide. We received camper applications for a boy and his two sisters, and the guardian who filled it out expressed the children’s wish to ride a horse. While at camp, the youngest girl was counselor was working in her activity book. The question was about having three wishes. She said she would like a birthday party because, in her family, they don’t really celebrate birthdays. This year, they were able to celebrate her brother and sisters birthdays, just not hers. She got the party the next day, AND she got to ride a horse! Was it extravagant to pay for the horses? Yes, but that’s how God loves!