Returning Teens Application

2024 Returning Camp Volunteer Application – Teens

Please note: Camp Week is July 14-19. Please do not fill out this application unless you are certain of your ability to attend. MANDATORY training dates for those who have served less than four years at camp are May 4, 2024 & June 9, 2024. If you have served more than three years, required training is on June 9. If you have a prior commitment that would make you unable to attend a training session or a portion of one, you MUST attend make-up training after pre-arranging with the camp director. Please do not fill out this application if you cannot attend any of the the required training. NO EXCEPTIONS, so put the dates on your calendar now. This includes returning volunteers. This application is for a voluntary service position, it is NOT an application for employment. Therefore, neither the application nor the position, if selected, would be governed by employment law. Questions? Email

Returning Teen Volunteers

All applicants desiring to serve AT CAMP must agree to the following every year:

  • Complete this application
  • Pass a background check (18 years & over)

As well as:

Medical History

Camp can be physically tiring, even exhausting. The facility or activities may require volunteers to manage uneven terrain, be at a high altitude, require hiking, climbing, running, swimming, lifting, stairs, and other strenuous activities depending on the volunteer position. Your medical condition (physical fitness, recent or chronic injuries, allergies, physical or emotional limitations, etc.) and even the medications you take may be affected by the activities, the altitude, the foods served, the emotional challenges with the kids, or the sleeping conditions.(Note: Volunteers who stay in the sleeping quarters with the children are not allowed to have medications in those quarters. Medications may be kept in other secure locations as designated by Camp Leadership.)

Personal Growth

I understand that to be a volunteer at camp I must fulfill training requirements and submit my $25 application fee. By signing below, I agree to attend training on May 4 and/or June 9 (depending on my volunteer status) and if I am unable to attend one of these trainings I will arrange with the Director to attend make-up training. I understand that a certain amount of training must be done in person for the Chapter to be compliant with standards set forth by the national organization. 

My signature is also my agreement to pay the application fee at the time that my application is submitted by clicking here. If I wish to pay with cash or check, I will contact the Director to arrange payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking the payment link will open a new tab and will not hinder your application process. If you are on a mobile device, copy the link and pay after submitting the application.

Representations and Release

I understand that submission of an application does not guarantee me acceptance as a volunteer.  I further understand that should the RFK Leadership extend an offer to me as a volunteer, it is for no specific duration and may be revoked by either the sponsoring church, the RFK Chapter Leadership, or me at any time, with or without cause.

If accepted as a volunteer, I agree to conform to the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of RFK while serving as a volunteer, and understand that such compliance is a condition of remaining a volunteer.

Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by the Chapter Director within 30 days regarding your volunteer status. Please watch your inbox for the email. If you do not receive it (check your spam too!), feel free to email Wendy at to check in.

Make sure you scroll to the very end & click "submit".

Thank you!

Mentoring Club

September - May

I understand that Mentoring Club staff will review this application and my performance at Camp if I seek a Mentoring Club volunteer position. I understand that I will also need to attend training to volunteer for Mentoring Club.

Thank you for your interest in returning to be a part of the RFK Team!

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